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ICOM-ASPAC 日本会議2018

ICOM-ASPAC Kyushu, Japan Conference 2018


2 December, 2018
Kyushu National Museum, JAPAN


Realizing that the climate is changing due to human activities, causing detrimental effect on natural and cultural heritage, tangible and intangible, worldwide;

Affirming the Principles of ICOM Code of Ethics, emphasizing the roles of museums in protection against disasters; Reaffirming 2015 UNESCO Recommendation Concerning the Protection and Promotion of Museums and its Collection, their Diversity and their Role in Society;

Acknowledging promotion of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its sustainable development goals;

The participants of Annual Meeting of ICOM-ASPAC, held in Dazaifu at Kyushu National Museum, Fukuoka, Japan from 1st to 2nd December 2018, declare as follows:

1. The protection of cultural heritage from the natural and man-made disasters, including tsunami, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions and fire, is one of the major concerns in Asia-Pacific regions. In this regards, museums can play active roles to safeguard the collections and heritage in general from the disasters and to provide necessary measures for prevention, intervention, and sustainable management for the future. Furthermore, museums offer cultural safe-haven and mitigation for the affected society.

2. To preserve the tangible and intangible heritage from the natural and man-made disasters, museums encourage to utilize appropriate traditional methods, technical innovations and to take interdisciplinary approaches for preventive measures. Moreover, museums take active steps sharing knowledge through collaboration and cooperation of all concerned parties from the previous experiences.

3. To ensure the effective prevention and intervention in case of the natural and man-made disasters, museums take proactive steps to educate professionals and society alike. Museums provide capacity building opportunities to equip staff for appropriate skills and techniques. Furthermore, museums reach out to relevant communities to raise the awareness for disaster risk reduction and to rebuild the sustainable future.

4. The museums of ICOM-ASPAC reinforce its networks to promote sharing expertise and best practices on the disaster risk managements in local, national, regional and international levels. The ICOM-ASPAC plans to further the discussion and bring attention at the General Assembly of the ICOM-ASPAC Kyoto 2019.


1-2 Dec 2018 (Sat & Sun)
Kyushu National Museum
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About the conference
ICOM-ASPAC (International Council of Museums Asia-Pacific Alliance) was established with the aim of promoting information and cultural exchange among ICOM member states in the Asia-Pacific region (20 countries), and symposiums are held annually in host countries. There will be keynote sessions and presentations by experts on the theme “Cultural Heritage for A Sustainable Future – Natural Disasters and Museums” for the 2018 symposium.
The symposium is held once again in Japan after 10 years and is a great opportunity for museum professionals to network. Museum professionals or interested persons are welcome to participate.
*Simultaneous interpretation available.

Programme Overview
1st December, 2018 (Saturday)
ASPAC Opening Ceremony (1:30 PM~)
Opening Address
BAE Kidong (Chairperson of ICOM-ASPAC, Director-General of National Museum of Korea)
SHIMATANI Hiroyuki (Chair of ICOM-ASPAC JAPAN2018 Organising Committee, Director-General of Kyushu National Museum)
Suay AKSOY (President of ICOM)
HARADA Yoshiaki (Minister of the Environment)
TOYOKI Hiroyuki (Councillor on Cultural Properties, Agency for Cultural Affairs)
Congratulatory Address & Presentation
World Tsunami Day – Milestones, Past Activities, and Future Prospects Liberal
Democratic Party National Resilience Promotion Office

Part 1: Keynote Speeches (2:20 PM~)
“Disaster Prevention for Cultural Properties in Japan”
TOYOKI Hiroyuki (Councillor on Cultural Properties, Agency for Cultural Affairs)
“Disaster Prevention for Cultural Properties in Korea”
CHOI Jong-Deok (Director-General of National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage)

Recess (3:20 PM~)

Part 2: Reports Concerning World Tsunami Museum Conference (3:30 PM~)
Moderator: ONO Yuichi (Professor of Tohoku University)
“Objective and significance of World Tsunami Museum Conference”
MATSUOKA Yuki (Head, United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) Office in Japan)
World Tsunami Museum Conference Report
ONO Yuichi (Professor of Tohoku University)
“Action to take to preserve records and memories of tsunami”
NISHI Hiroyoshi (Director Emeritus at Inamura-no-Hi no Yakata)
“Teaching Future Generations the Horrors of the Tsunami”
Hafnidar (Head of Tsunami Museum and Head of Historical Section of Aceh Culture and Tourism Department)
“Exploit Unique Advantageous Resources, Explore New Ways to Prevent Disaster”
FENG Zhengbi (Director of the 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake Memorial Museum Management Center)

Discussion Session
Moderator: Ricardo Toro TASSARA (National Director of ONEMI)
Moderator: ONO Yuichi (Professor of Tohoku University)

Closing Ceremony(4:55 PM~)
Closing Address
SASAKI Johei (President, ICOM KYOTO 2019 Organising Committee, Executive Director of Kyoto National Museum)

2nd December, 2018 (Sunday)
Opening Ceremony (10:00 AM~)
Opening Address
AN Laishun (Vice-President of ICOM)
ICOM-ASPAC & ICOM Kyoto Festival 2019 Introduction
KURIHARA Yuji (Chair of ICOM KYOTO 2019 Steering Committee, Vice Chair of ICOM-ASPAC)
ICOM-DRMC Activity Report
Samuel Franco ARCE (Chairperson of ICOM-LAC)

Presentation 1 (10:45 AM~)
“Cultural Heritage and Disaster Risk Reduction”
Richard Japuneyo SHING (Director of the Vanuatu Cultural Centre)
“Stolen Heritages of Nepal”
Prem Singh BASNYAT (Brigadier General (Retd), Professor,Chairman : Nepal Museum Association and Board Member: ICOM-ASPAC)
“The Situation of Museum and Conservation Practice in the Kingdom of Bhutan”
IWATA Yuriko (Former Deputy Director at Buddhist Art and Cultural Conservation Center, Bhutan)

Discussion Session (11:30 AM~)
Moderator: MASUDA Kanefusa (Member of ICOMOS-ICORP, Professor of Ritsumeikan University)
Panelists: Presentation 1 Speakers

Recess (12:00 PM~)

Presentation 2 (1:30 PM~)
“Earthquake disasters and response of museums – Recent case studies of National Museum of Taiwan History and National Museum of Japanese History”
CHEN Yihong (Associate Curator of National Museum of Taiwan History) NISHITANI Masaru (Vice Director of National Museum of Japanese History)
“Natural Hazard Response Manual and Current Status of Affairs of Korean National Museums"
PARK Younggoog (Director of the National Hangeul Museum)
“Efforts of the National Task Force for the Cultural Heritage Disaster Risk Mitigation Network in Japan”
OKADA Ken (Head, Secretariat Office of the National Task Force for the Cultural Heritage Disaster Risk Mitigation Network, Independent Administrative Institution National Institutes for Cultural Heritage)
“Current state of cultural property rescue operation in Japan”
KOHDZUMA Yousei (Director, Center for Archaeological Operations, Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Independent Administrative Institution National Institutes for Cultural Heritage)

Recess (2:45 PM~)

Panel Discussion (3:00 PM~)
Moderator: KOIZUMI Yoshihide (Head of Curatorial Board, Kyushu National Museum)
Panelists: Presentation 2 Speakers

Closing Ceremony (4:00 PM~)
KURIHARA Yuji (Chair of ICOM KYOTO 2019 Steering Committee, Vice Chair of ICOM-ASPAC )
Dazaifu Declaration
BAE Kidong (Chairperson of ICOM-ASPAC, Director-General of National Museum of Korea)
Closing Address
ZENIYA Masami (President, Japanese Association of Museums, Vice President of ICOM KYOTO2019 organising Committee)
*Changes may be made to the schedule.

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