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Upcoming Special Exhibitions

Details of the upcoming Special Exhibitions are introduced here. Please check the website for more information before your visit as there may be changes to the exhibitions listed below.

Special Exhibition
Masterworks from the Okura Collection: An Exhibition Marking the 150th Anniversary of the Meiji Restoration
2 Oct (Tue) – 9 Dec (Sun), 2018

OKURA Kihachiro, an important industrialist who made important contributions to the modernization of Japan, was also an avid collector of Japanese and Far Eastern art and had established the first private museum, the Okura Museum of Art (Okura Shukokan). His eldest son, OKURA Kishichiro, founder of the Hotel Okura, had promoted art by Japanese artists, such as the painter YOKOYAMA Taikan, outside of Japan. Exquisite National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties from this father-son pair’s collection are proudly showcased in this exhibition.

Special Exhibition
The Universe of Shingon Buddhism: Treasures from Daigoji Temple, Kyoto
29 Jan (Tue) – 24 Mar (Sun), 2019

Famous for the Shingo tradition of Esoteric Buddhism, the Daigoji Temple in Kyoto has a long history of over a thousand years. This exhibition will showcase a valuable selection of Esoteric Buddhist art, such as the National Treasure, a statue of Yakushi Nyorai (Bhaisajyaguru) and attendant deities, as well as beautiful artwork associated with the cherry blossom viewing hosted Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

*Please note that information for this exhibition may change without advance notice.

Upcoming Cultural Exchange Exhibitions

Do you think that the Cultural Exchange Exhibition is just a collection of permanent exhibits? In the Kyushu National Museum, these exhibits are changed periodically to keep each visit interesting. The Special Exhibition ticket stub can be used to enter the Cultural Exchange Exhibition hall on the 4th floor for free.

Feature Exhibition
Important Cultural Property
1913 Mizuki Fortress Moat Painting
Department of Japanese History, the University of Tokyo
Feature Exhibition
Dazaifu: The Western Capital of Ancient Japan – Exchange Hub with East Asia
12 Sep (Wed) – 23 Dec (Sun), 2018

This exhibition showcases the history of research on Dazaifu which has been underway since the Edo period. How did people interact with Dazaifu? What kind of research results did they leave behind? Answers can be found from the research records and excavations conducted at these special historical landmarks that were given the title of a National Historic Site.

Feature Exhibition
Map of the Whole Kyushu Island
Matsura Historical Museum
Feature Exhibition
Matsura Family Legacy: The Ino Map
30 Oct (Tue) – 23 Dec (Sun), 2018

The year 2018 marks the 200th year after the death of INO Tadataka (1745-1818). In celebration of Tadataka’s achievements, the Museum is proud to present the Ino Map, a valuable artifact inherited by the Matsura family of Hirado domain. The exchanges between Tadataka and the Hirado domain will also be introduced using the archival materials belonging to the former Hirado domain. Do look out for the high level of precision of the Ino Map.

Feature Exhibition
Magatama comma-shaped beads
(Left) Jasper; Matsue City Board of Education, Shimane
(Right) Agate; Shimane Prefecture Buried Archaeology Center
Feature Exhibition
Tama: Colorful Crown Jewels of Ancient Japan
1 Jan (Tue) – 24 Feb (Sun), 2019

These treasured jewels were transported through the Silk Road and the Mediterranean Sea during the Kofun period. They were made into accessories, like necklaces and bracelets, by people who were mesmerized by its brilliance. Do check out the unfading radiance of these jewels that come in diverse colors.

*This Feature Exhibition can be viewed in the Cultural Exhibition hall. During ongoing Special Exhibitions, the Cultural Exhibition can be viewed for free with the Special Exhibition ticket stub.
*Please note that information for this exhibition may change without advance notice. Do check the information again before your visit.