Building Information


The gently sloping blue roof of Kyushu National Museum’s main building allows it to blend into the surrounding scenery. Special care was taken during construction to preserve the natural features surrounding the museum. Inside the building, our exhibition halls, alongside our various facilities, amenities, and services, ensure all visitors will enjoy their time here.

Length: 160 m (East-West)
Width: 80 m (North-South)
Height at peak: 36.1 m
Eave height: 35.0 m
Floors: 5 + 2 basement levels
Net floor area: 30,675 m2
Building floor area: 14,623 m2
Construction area: 159,844 m2
Structural features: Steel-frame compression vault (roof), steel and concrete-encased steel (underground structures), seismic isolation system (exhibition and storage areas)