Building Information


Kyushu National Museum is characterized by its gently curved structure that blends into the mountainous surroundings.Various facilities such as the exhibition galleries, hall, café, shop, research rooms, and storage area are located on each floor. Visitors can enjoy seasonal variations in nature that remained intact from the time of construction.

Building Information
Operating bodies: Agency for Cultural Affairs,Fukuoka Prefecture, and the Foundation for Establishing the Kyushu National Museum Design
Maintenance: Kikutake Architects and Kume Sekkei Design
period: September 1999 ‒ March 2001
Construction period: March 2002 ‒ March 2004
160m (east-west) x 80m (north-south) Two levels of basement and five floors above ground
Highest point: 36.1m
Eave height: 35.0m
Total floor area: 30,675m²
Building area: 14,623m²
Site area: 159,844m²
Structural features: Steel-frame compression vault (roof) / steel, and concrete-encased steel structure (underground portion) / seismic isolation (exhibition and storage areas)