Visitor Guidelines

We would like to request that all visitors abide by the following rules and guidelines, so as to protect the artifacts and displays, as well as to ensure that all our patrons have a pleasant and educational visit.

No food or drinks in the museum, except in designated eating spaces.

The artifacts and displays in our halls are susceptible to various kinds of damage, such as by insects and other pests. As such, we prohibit the consumption of all food and drinks in the exhibition halls, including chewing gum, sweets, and water. Visitors may, however, drink water in the resting area inside the fourth-floor Cultural Exchange Exhibition Hall. In addition, a water dispenser is available in the rest area on the first floor of the museum.

Keep your voices down.

Please be considerate of other visitors and refrain from speaking in loud voices.

Secure large items and umbrellas in the spaces provided.

Large luggage and bulky items may inconvenience other visitors in the exhibition halls, and should be stored in the lockers or deposited at the cloakroom on the first floor. Wet umbrellas may drip onto the floor, making the floor slippery and unsafe for other guests; they must be left at the lockable umbrella stands at the entrance of the building. Visitors with foldable umbrellas should keep them in their bags, or store them in the lockers.

Be considerate of other visitors.

We strive to create a space where all visitors can learn and engage with the artifacts on display, and this is only possible with the help of all our visitors as well. Please refrain from sleeping on the benches, running in the museum, or other behavior that may inconvenience other museum patrons. Visitors who feel unwell and wish to lie down should approach our staff, who will escort you to the sick bay.

Please switch off all mobile phones, or set them to silent mode.

Please also refrain from making or taking calls in the exhibition halls, or walking while looking at your phone.

Smoking is strictly prohibited on museum premises.

Please smoke responsibly only at designated areas.

Please use only wooden pencils in the exhibition halls.

Pens and mechanical pencils may damage the artifacts and display cases. Broken mechanical pencil leads may leave scratches. Ink from pens may splatter onto the artifacts, leaving stains that are difficult to remove; the process of removing these stains may also damage the object. Please bring your own wooden pencils, or use the pencils provided in the exhibition halls.

Do not touch the exhibits, unless otherwise indicated.

Most of our artifacts are centuries old and easily damaged. The act of putting them on display itself inevitably damages them, little by little. Touching them would leave sweat, dirt, and other things behind that may accelerate their deterioration. As such, we seek our visitors’ cooperation in not touching any exposed displays. Please also refrain from touching the display cases, as you may leave fingerprints on the glass that will hamper other visitors’ enjoyment of the displays.

There are, however, special displays, such as in the interactive corner within room 8 of the permanent Cultural Exchange Exhibition Hall, where we have indicated that the exhibits may be touched. In these cases, we encourage visitors to touch, smell, and engage with the exhibits. Visitors may also interact with most displays in the Ajippa Interactive Exhibition Gallery on the first floor (free entry).

Pets are not allowed in the museum.

Pets may accidentally bring in pests that are harmful to the artifacts on display, and are as such not allowed in the museum.

Dangerous items are strictly prohibited in the museum.

Please do not bring lighters, knives, hazardous or flammable substances, and other items that may cause harm to other visitors in the building or the artifacts on display.

Please refrain from visiting the museum while drunk.