Request to Visitors

The Kyushu National Museum requests that visitors follow the rules below during their visits to ensure the safety of all and to protect the cultural artifacts. The manners required of visitors are written in the Cultural Exchange Exhibition map. The Museum urges visitors with children, tour guides, and teachers to teach their charges the proper public behavior, which is the same standard required as being in public transport.

Food and beverages prohibited in exhibition halls.

Cultural artifacts are particularly susceptible to pests and contamination from food and beverages brought into the halls. The Museum expressly asks visitors to only consume food or drink at designated areas, including chewing gum, sweets, and water, and walking around the halls while doing any of the above is strictly prohibited. You can eat or drink at the café on the 1st floor, or at the restaurant Green House. Water fountains are located in front of the first aid room (1st floor), near toilets (3rd floor), and lounge room (4th floor, adjacent to exhibition rooms 5 and 6).

Speak softly.

Please lower your volume when speaking so you do not disturb other visitors.

Secure large items or umbrellas outside.

Coin lockers and the cloak room are located on the 1st floor. Wet umbrellas will drip onto the floor or accidentally poke someone or thing (including sun umbrellas). Small foldable umbrellas must be stowed away in your bag.

Maintain proper public behavior and do not disturb others.

Behaviors such as sleeping on the benches or running in the halls are strictly prohibited.

Switch off mobile phones or set it to quiet mode.

Do not use your mobile phones inside the exhibition halls and do so only after you have exited.

Smoking strictly prohibited on the Museum premises.

The Museum is strictly a no smoking zone. Smoke responsibly only at designated areas.

Please use only wooden pencils in the exhibition halls.

Pens and mechanical pencils may damage the artifacts and display cases. Broken mechanical pencil leads may leave scratches. Ink from pens may splatter onto the artifacts, leaving stains that are difficult to remove; the process of removing these stains may also damage the object. Please bring your own wooden pencils, or use the pencils provided in the exhibition halls.

Do not touch the exhibits.

Touching the exhibits will leave sweat, dirt, and stains that will accumulate over time, causing damage to the artifacts. Pests will also be attracted to the dirt and mold will also gather on the artifacts. In addition, the artifacts are very old and each time they are exhibited, they will inevitably be slightly damaged. Only Hall 8, The Voyage of Envoys and the Silk Road, in the Cultural Exchange Exhibition (4th floor) comprises of interactive exhibits that you can touch. Please follow the signs that expressly forbids visitors to touch other exposed exhibits.

Pets are not allowed in the halls.

Pets may accidentally bring in pests that will damage artifacts, so they are not allowed in the exhibition halls.

Do not bring in dangerous items or lighters to the Museum.

Drunkards are strictly prohibited on Museum premises.