An Introduction to the Japanese Tea Ceremony

This beginner-friendly Japanese Tea Ceremony experience is designed for anyone above the age of twelve. Come join us for a moment of relaxation, whether by yourself or with friends.


29 Jun 2024 (Sat)


10:00, 11:30, 13:00, 14:30 (Please choose from one of the aforementioned time slots)


Hōman-tei Teahouse, Kyushu National Museum (next to Visitor Parking 2)
Click here for a map of the museum grounds.

Event outline

1. Introduction to the tearoom space
2. Tea ceremony experience

i. Watch the otemae demonstration of a ceremonial preparation of the tea
ii. Whisk your own bowl of green tea and enjoy it with traditional ocha-gashi, a Japanese sweet
*Ocha-gashi are generally split into two categories: higashi dry sweets and omo-gashi fresh sweets. Usucha, thin matcha tea, can be served with either kind of sweet, while koicha, thick matcha tea, is only served with omo-gashi. Participants in this event will be served koicha and omo-gashi.


1000 yen per person, 500 yen for middle school students
*Please make payment on the event day, and bring the exact amount if possible.


Anyone above the age of twelve who is new to the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Adults and foreigners are welcome to join.
*Please note that all participants are expected to participate in the tea ceremony. We are unable to accommodate visitors who only wish to watch the tea ceremony.


10 participants per session (first-come, first-served)



* Please bring a handkerchief and a pair of white socks. You will need to change into these socks when you enter the teahouse.
* Please come directly to the teahouse at least 5 minutes before your allocated time slot.
* Please notify us in advance if you have any food allergies or sensitivities.
* Please note that the event will be photographed, and pictures may be used for publicity purposes. If you do not wish to appear in pictures, please inform our staff before the event.

Contact and registration

Please register at the following link.

Registration begins on 28 May (Tues) from 12 noon.

For more information, please contact the Cultural Exchange Division.
Fax 092-929-3980


This event is brought to you by Kyushu National Museum.


This event is subject to last-minute changes and/or cancelation due to Covid-19 or sudden snow. Any new developments will be announced on our web page and official X account (Japanese only).